Thermador At The Heart Of House Beautiful’s Kitchen Of The Year

Every year House Beautiful announces their fantastically beautiful and technologically advanced “Kitchen Of The Year” that always leaves us awestruck. And, naturally, this year’s kitchen doesn’t disappoint. Large enough to serve the 8-bedroom home it belongs to, this kitchen is thoughtfully designed for both intimate dinners to large Thanksgiving get-togethers and features culinary convenience and innovative functionality. Aside from the artistic pot-holder and the whimsical neutrals, what is truly at the heart of this kitchen is luxurious Thermador appliances.

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Choosing A Freezer

It’s easy to overlook the freezer when shopping for a refrigerator. There’s just so many beautiful and valuable features to look for in a refrigerator, such as configuration, number of doors, capacity, temperature control, storage flexibility, and so on. After all, it is the appliance you will use the most. However, your freezer is also running at the same time, constantly working to keep your frozen foods at optimal storing conditions. While the ultimate goal is to freeze and keep food frozen, you also need to know that your food will come out fresh with no damage.   Continue reading “Choosing A Freezer”

Get Perfect Results With Jenn-Air® Culinary Center

We all have high expectations when it comes to serving our dinner guests. We hope to delight in our guests’ astonishment and approval as they thoroughly enjoy the nourishment we have provided. That is why there’s not much worse than the disappointment of a dish that didn’t quite turn out right. The pot roast was overcooked, the chicken was dry, or the crab cakes somehow came out rubbery. If you’ve ever had to make excuses for your oven’s behavior or poor delivery, it’s time to upgrade to an oven that meets and exceeds your culinary standards.

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Bottom Freezer vs. Top Freezer

There’s much to consider when shopping for a refrigerator. While you may have easily decided on size, price, and the right finish to match your style, choosing the right configuration is a little more challenging. Side-by-side, bottom freezer, top mount, french door… Which one is right for you? The answer is a personal one that comes down to your lifestyle and how you will daily use your refrigerator. Below we compare bottom freezer and top-mount freezer to help you discover which one is right for you.

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Black Stainless Steel

No matter how many appliance colors or finishes have been released, stainless steel continues to rule the appliance design world. There is just nothing that beats that brushed metallic look to complement today’s modern kitchen. Instead of trying to find a new trend-setting material, designers focus their attention to refining the best one. Enter black stainless steel.

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The Jenn-Air® Connected Double Oven Designed For You

The future is all about being smart. Smartphones, smart world, and smart homes. Ever since the conception of The Jetsons, we’ve been anticipating the arrival of independent homes to give you the freedom to enjoy the things you love. The future is here. The Jenn-Air® Connected Double Oven is designed with your lifestyle in mind to give you completely new ways to control your household. By using your home’s existing WiFi to connect with Amazon’s Alexa, The Nest, and Jenn-Air®’s Culinary Center, this connected wall oven puts control at your fingertips and voice command. Make your home a little more relaxing with Jenn-Air® – your food will practically cook itself! Continue reading “The Jenn-Air® Connected Double Oven Designed For You”