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August 05, 2021

Full-Size Versus Counter-Depth Refrigerators

If you’ve ever shopped for a refrigerator, you’ve probably wondered what the differences are between full-size and counter-depth refrigerators. While you may have seen how these styles differ in looks, there are other differences to them that will likely affect which one you choose. Here we review these differences to help you make the best choice for your family.

Full-Size Refrigerators

Also called freestanding refrigerators, full-size refrigerators are the most common choice amongst homeowners today thanks to their large capacities, lower prices, and ease of installation. The main difference between these refrigerators and counter-depth refrigerators is the depth extends past the countertops by a few inches. A larger depth also means more capacity than counter-depth refrgierators, up to 28 cubic feet. Full-size refrigerators are sometimes referred to as freestanding refrigerators because they are able to stand on their own, requiring little to no installation. This also means they can be moved from home to home so homeowners don’t mind investing in higher end models knowing they can keep it even if they move. These refrigerators also tend to be less expensive than their counter-depth counterparts yet still have plenty of the latest features. In general, full-depth refrigerators are one of the best options for homes of families who are also on a budget. 


The first thing you may recognize about a counter-depth refrigerator is its sleek design. Sitting flush with surrounding cabinetry and countertop, these refrigerators offer the look of built-in at a much lower price. With less obstruction, you can move more fluidly throughout your kitchen. Of course, a reduction in depth also means less capacity and storage space than a full-size refrigerator. Although counter-depth refrigerators cost more than comparable full-size refrigerators, they still typically come in at a lower price than comparable built-in refrigerators. They do require professional installation and possibly cabinet work if your kitchen was not originally designed for counter-depth refrigerators. Counter-depth refrigerators are great options for modern kitchens for small families who do not require as much food storage, or apartments with smaller kitchens.


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