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August 05, 2021

Side-By-Side Versus French Door Refrigerator

When buying a new refrigerator, it’s important to choose a design that fits your lifestyle. If you’ve already decided you want to go with a modern configuration, two popular options are a side-by-side or french door refrigerator. While french door refrigerators are a popular choice today, side-by-side’s upright configuration offers its own advantages. Here we review the pros and cons of each configuration to help you make the best choice.

Side By Side Refrigerators

The straightforward design of the side-by-side refrigerator offers up to 20% more usable space compared to its french door counterpart. With two doors instead of one, it also offers a narrower profile ideal for small kitchens. Unlike french door refrigerators which feature a bottom freezer, these refrigerators keep many freezer items at eye level so you don’t have to bend over and lift that Thanksgiving turkey. By having both compartments on the same level, children can grab snacks from the refrigerator just as easily as they can grab a popsicle from the refrigerator. Lastly, side-by-side refrigerators tend to be less expensive than french door refrigerators so they are the more affordable option.


However, this configuration does limit the width of each compartment so it lacks on flexibility for larger items. By dividing the compartments into nearly halves, there isn’t as much refrigerator space as other designs to meet the average family of 4 household needs. Side-by-side refrigerators are also not as energy efficient as other configurations since they only have one door to each compartment so a lot of cool air is lost just by opening the door.


French Door Refrigerators

The french door refrigerator focuses more on making the refrigerator space the most functional since that’s the section households us the most. With wide drawers and shelves that reach over the entire width of the refrigerator, the french door configuration offers flexibility to store large, wide items. Similar to the side-by-side fridge, french doors are half the width of the refrigerator which requires less clearance space. Produce and foods you use every day are stored at eye level so it’s less likely you’ll forget about them. It’s also more energy-efficient with two doors so you can access one side of the fridge without opening both doors and cold air escaping. French door refrigerators are also praised for their modern, robust look.


However, the french door refrigerator features the freezer at the bottom which requires more bending and lifting. These freezers also feature drawers instead of shelves which can make finding your items a bit more difficult. Finally, these refrigerators tend to be more expensive than comparable side-by-side refrigerators.


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