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AGA Claret AGA Hotcupboards with Warming Plate

AGAClaret Aga Hotcupboards With Warming Plate

Model No: AHCCLT

Available Colors/Finishes
CLARET (AHCCLT) $4,759.00
BLACK (AHCBLK) $5,819.00
BLUSH (AHCBSH) $5,819.00
CREAM (AHCCRM) $5,819.00
DARK BLUE (AHCDBL) $5,819.00
DOVE (AHCDVE) $5,819.00
LINEN (AHCLIN) $5,819.00
PEWTER (AHCPWT) $5,819.00
SLATE (AHCSLT) $5,819.00
WHITE (AHCWHT) $5,819.00
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The AGA Hotcupboard is an integrated solution providing additional slow cook and warming space helping you stage food as it becomes ready to serve. AGA offers two cooktops to create the perfect balance of radiant heat cooking with open flame, convection ovens or induction.

The internal components of the AGA Hotcupboard are the same, offering additional ovens giving you the ability to slow roast, slow cook and keep food warm. The bottom oven is the Warming Oven, keeping food and serving plates warm - perfect for keeping freshly baked pies warm and ready to serve after dinner. Separated by a perforated baffle, the top oven is the Simmering Oven delivering upwards of 255(degree)F and creating the perfect environment to slow cook meat.

Each Hotcupboard will seamlessly integrate on the left side of any AGA cast iron range and operates separately from your 3-oven AGA cast iron range.

AGA Hotcupboard with Induction Top

This integrated solution boasts the newest and fastest growing fuel type - Induction. Offering speed, control and energy-efficiency, the Induction Top Hotcupboard is a great leap in cooking technology. Powered by electro-magnetism, induction cooktop surface is safe, responds fast and is easy to clean.

Energy Efficient

Since all the heat is directed onto the pan, available heat is captured rather than lost around the pans perimeter. Induction makes use of 90% of the available heat compared to just 55% with that of a gas burner.


The ceramic burner surface retains minimal heat when the pan is removed. Built-in pan recognition sensors automatically turn the burner off when not is use saving energy and increasing safety while the Child Lock feature protects little hands.

Easy to Clean

Because the Induction Cooktop only heats the surface in contact with the pan and cools quickly upon removal, spillages will not stick or burn onto the surface, making cleaning easy.

Induction Features

The large induction cooking surface features the following touch pad controls on its ceramic surface:

  • Power Boost
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • 9 Power Settings giving instant response
  • A Timer and Pause Feature
  • Overheating Detection
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Induction Cooking requires specific pans containing ferrous metals. Pans made of high grade stainless steel, enameled steel and cast iron pans are suitable for induction top cooking. The base, or bottom, of each pan should be flat as it must come in contact with the induction surface in order to work properly.

    AGA Hotcupboard with Warming Plate

    The warming plate gives you an additional surface for staging food keeping food ready-to-serve. This feature is especially beneficial if serving "buffet style" is a norm in your kitchen. Alleviate the need for chaffing dishes and unsafe lit Sternos. Use the heat from the Warming Plate to keep your food at the optimal serving temperature.

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