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AGAAubergine AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Natural Gas

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AGA Aubergine AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Natural Gas

Model Color Price
ADC3GAUB Aubergine $19,429.00
ADC3GBLK Black $19,429.00
ADC3GCLT Claret $19,429.00
ADC3GCRM Cream $19,429.00
ADC3GDBL Dark Blue $19,429.00
ADC3GDEB Duck Egg Blue $19,429.00
ADC3GPAS Pearl Ashes $19,429.00
ADC3GPIS Pistachio $19,429.00
ADC3GPWT Pewter $19,429.00
ADC3GWHT White $19,429.00
CapitalPrecision 24" Gas Power Wok

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Capital Precision 24" Gas Power Wok

Power-Flo Burners (sealed)* True simmer " 19,000 BTU (only on GSCR305 and GSCR302W models), Power-Wok Burner * 800 " 25,000 BTU (only on GSCR305 and GSCR302W models) *, Power-Flo Burners (sealed) True simmer 15,000 BTU (on GSCR304Q,GSCR304G and GSCR302W models), Infra-Q Infrared BBQ Grill 15,000 BTU* (on GSCR304Q model), Thermo-Griddle " 15,000 BTU, 3/8" thick thermostatically controlled s.s. griddle plate* (only on GSCR304G model)

Model Color Price
GRT24WK Call for price

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