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The 5 Best Refrigerator & Freezer Columns of 2022

We have spent the year pairing our customers with the best quality refrigerator and freezer columns available on the market and carefully analyzing each model we receive. With 2022 coming to a close, we’re happy to share our list of the top refrigerator and freezer columns of the year.

The 5 Best Refrigerator & Freezer Columns

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Thermador Built-in 30" Refrigerator Column

If you are in the market for a great-looking stainless steel column refrigerator this Thermador Built-In 30” is a great option to consider. The iconic stainless-steel pairs well with any kitchen style. The award-winning theater-style lighting, A TFT display, and Wi-Fi capabilities this column offers combine to allow you to easily control your refrigerator from your kitchen or remotely.

Other notable features you will love about this refrigerator:

• This column utilizes Thermador’s proprietary Cool Air Flow technology that evenly distributes cool air throughout the refrigerator keeping your food fresh longer.

•SoftClose® Drawers offer an ultra-smooth glide when opening and closing the drawers preventing damage and struggles.

•Thermador’s Auto Open Door feature allows you to remove the handle for a clean look and use the auto door opening with a gentle push of the door.

Jenn-Air 36" Refrigerator Column

If you are looking for a bold and stunning look you can choose this refrigerator from Jenn-Air. This 36” column refrigerator offers a daring Obsidian interior finish. Panels and panel kits for the exterior are sold separately.

What makes this refrigerator stand out are these features:

• Signature Trinity Cooling provides a quiet cool that is controlled by precise calibration from three sensors.

•Remote access allows you to open the door and monitor power outages or filter changes from your phone.

•Ecliptic lighting features over 650 LEDs that light up the interior of your column refrigerator.

•This refrigerator is built with all solid metals and glass on the interior.

Fisher & Paykel 30" Integrated Refrigerator Freezer

Although this is not a true column, this integrated refrigerator-freezer combination still makes our list. This Fisher & Paykel refrigerator/freezer offers a beautiful wood grain finish and many other amazing features.

These features will make this purchase easy:

• This fridge features ActiveSmart™ Foodcare which means the refrigerator learns how you use it and adjusts the temperature, airflow, and humidity inside to keep food fresh longer.

•Flexible storage includes LED-lit adjustable shelving and full extension bins in the freezer.

•An internal water dispenser and ice maker are inside to not interrupt the gorgeous exterior finish of this column.

•This refrigerator's complimentary design easily pairs with any column refrigerator, freezer, or wine column.


Did you know? To prevent ice buildup in the freezer, you can put a thin layer of cooking spray inside your freezer and then wipe it down. The little spray that is left will aid in preventing the formation of ice.

Liebherr Refrigerator with BioFresh

If you are looking for a quality German-engineered and built refrigerator, this Liebherr is the one for you. The entire line of North American Liebherr appliances meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® rating requirements.

High-quality features you are going to love include:

• InfinityLight features an LED side-wall light that casts a beautiful, even glow that can be adjusted depending on your taste and time of day.

•InfinitySwipe, a 3.5-inch display that is operated via touch and swipe.

•Noise levels are kept to a minimum with SuperQuiet operating speed-controlled and sound-absorbing compressors.

•VFlexSystem offers a simple-to-use flexible storage system for sorting and separating your food in your BioFresh drawers.

•SoftSystem doors close gently and quietly due to a soft stop system.

•A PowerCooling high-performance system ensures that freshly stored groceries are cooled quickly, and cooling temperatures are distributed evenly.

•InfinitySpring adds a seamlessly integrated internal water dispenser that is right where you need it.

Viking 30" Fully Integrated All Freezer

This Viking 30” freezer has many different finishes for you to choose from to ensure that you are able to match the style of your kitchen with ease.

This freezer also has some excellent features to offer including:

• A PRO CHILL™ Temperature Management System with a Variable-Speed High-Efficiency Overdrive™ Compressor to quickly chill food and save energy.

•A proprietary fully articulating hinge can be adjusted in three dimensions to allow a perfect fit in any kitchen and a hinge dampener for smoothness while opening and closing the door.

•Capacitive touch controls with an intuitive user interface.

•LED lighting provides bright and energy-efficient lighting from the top and side walls.

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