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August 05, 2021

Gas Versus Convection Ovens

Are you trying to decide between convection and gas but not sure which one to choose? Discover the pros and cons of each cooking technology.


Behind The Technology

Gas and convection ovens use different methods to cook food. Gas uses either propane or natural gas to start a flame at the bottom of the oven. The flame is then fueld by gas to radiate heat throughout the oven’s cavity. Convection uses an electric element also located at the bottom of the oven and then uses a fan or a series of fans to consistently move heat around the oven.


Which Cooks Best?

Gas is known for being precise when it comes to cooktops so that must mean it’s also precise when it comes to the oven, right? Not necessarily. While gas ovens are quicker at initially heating the oven, gravity causes the hot air to rise and the cool air to fall, causing heat and cold pockets for an inconsistent cooking environment. The result is foods may not cook as evenly. However, the powerful fan of a convection oven fixes this problem by moving hot air throughout the oven’s chamber so heat can be evenly distributed around the food. Airflow is vital so it’s important not to overfill the oven.


Which Is More Energy Efficient?

Although gas cooktops are usually more efficient than electric cooktops thanks to reduced initial heating times, the opposite is true when it comes to gas ovens. Since gas ovens aren’t able to distribute heat evenly around the food, you must open the door throughout the cooking cycle to move items around, causing both temperature and energy loss. Convection ovens, on the other hand, are able to heat ovens quicker and distribute heat more evenly which results in less fuss and decreased cook times.


What About Cooktops?

With all this new information on gas ovens, you may be questioning everything you know about gas cooktops. The truth is, cooktops are where gas performs best. Gas cooktops do in fact offer the instant heat, precision, and responsiveness you’ve heard about, especially compared to their electric counterparts. However, with the latest technology in induction cooking and convection cooking technology, electric is quickly becoming competition for gas.


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