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Whether you're in an urban center in New England or in rural Asia, look at the refrigerators in the restaurants, groceries, and convenience stores you visit. You won't make it far without seeing the True logo. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to go three stops without seeing our name.

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true residential side-by-side refrigerators

Side By Side Refrigerator

The True 48 is changing the way we think about luxury appliances. Clean, modern, and inspired by the artistry and work ethic of the best professional chefs, this full-sized refrigerator gives high-end residential kitchens the look, work space, and performance of the best professional kitchens around the world.

Side by Side Refrigerator

Column Refrigerator

Refrigerator Column offers homeowners the freedom to design kitchens that look the way they want and, as importantly, reflect the way they live. Refrigerator Columns means complete control and complete freedom, and for homeowners and designers alike, that means complete luxury. Pictured are our 30" Refrigerator Column, 30" Wine Column, and 30" Beverage Column. We only offer a 36" column option for our Refrigerator and Freezer models.

Column Refrigerator
true residential column refrigerator
true residential bottom freezer

Bottom Freezer

The 36" Glass Door Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer from True Residential is versatile, luxury refrigeration that also comes in custom colors and finishes.

Bottom Freezer

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

Whether indoors or outdoors, the True® Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers are the ideal addition to your home. Designed to provide complete flexibility while also enhancing your existing space, the True Refrigerator Drawers give you all the additional cold storage you need.

Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers
true residential undercounter refrigerator
true residential ice maker

Ice Maker

The True clear ice machine is the ultimate addition to any home. Perfect indoors and out, it provides maximum ice production, up to 85lbs. per day with storage of 28lbs. All models have a drain pump and water filter built-in. Beautiful clear cubes will make the perfect compliment to your beverage of choice.

Ice Maker


32" height allows for installation under ADA-compliant countertop. Field-reversible hinge allows for flexibility in the field.

true residential ada

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