Top Trending Kitchen Styles of 2022

We love seeing how kitchen trends change over the years. There once was a time when every homeowner desired the same style of kitchen out of a magazine. But each year we see more and more personalization bringing out unexpected design and style. Here we list out some of the most popular new trends that are here to stay.

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Wall Ovens Vs. Ranges

When purchasing an oven for your kitchen, you’ll need to decide if you’re going with a range or a wall oven. Each appliance has its own advantages, and which one is right for you will depend on the layout and size of your kitchen, your kitchen style, and your overall budget. Here we discuss the differences between each option to help you determine which one is best for you. Continue reading “Wall Ovens Vs. Ranges”

Steam Dryers vs. Conventional Dryers

The chore of washing and drying clothes has come a long way since hand-scrubbing and hanging each item out to dry. Gone are the days of having to starch and iron every work shirt and suit, thank goodness. Today’s dryers are packed with special functions to ensure your items stay fluffed and ready to wear in a moment’s notice without requiring any extra work from you. Did you forget the load in the dryer and concerned they will be wrinkly? No worries, settings like WrinkleShield will keep them tossing and turning until you’re ready to fold them. Another of the many functions that successfully delivers this result is the power of steam. Steam dryers have become a staple in the modern home thanks to their many abilities. But are the worth all the hype? Here we review the advantages of steam dryers so that you can decide! Continue reading “Steam Dryers vs. Conventional Dryers”

Professional Series vs. Standard Appliances

There is a lot to consider when trying to create a kitchen to fit both your home and personal taste. Will you choose modern with clean lines, traditional with welcoming tones, or somewhere in between? Will you opt for natural stone or solid surface countertops? Or, when it comes to selecting the appliances, what type of investment are you willing to put in? Even if you don’t know all of the differences between professional series appliances and regular appliances, you’ve probably noticed at least one distinction – the price. Professional series appliances are typically more costly than regular appliances and with good reason. But is it a good enough reason? We break it down so you can decide. Continue reading “Professional Series vs. Standard Appliances”

The Best Way To Load Your Washing Machines

Are you loading your washer the right way? Follow these tips to make sure.

How To Load A Standard Top Load Washer
The standard top load washers feature an agitator in the middle of the tub that moves throughout the load to agitate clothes in order to wash them. To load a standard top load washer, be sure to place clothes around the agitator in a balanced manner. If it’s unbalanced, there may be extra vibrations that cause your washer to “walk” and not properly wash your items. If your top load washer doesn’t have an automatic detergent dispenser, you will want to put in the detergent before loading it with your items. This is especially important if you use detergent pods that need to stay in the water longer to dissolve. Be sure not to overpack your washer so that water can thoroughly reach and clean each item. If you’re having to push down on the load to add more clothes, it’s too many items. Continue reading “The Best Way To Load Your Washing Machines”

Choosing The Right Range For Your Kitchen

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or upgrading your current one, purchasing a new range can be an exciting task. Today’s ranges have the features and cooking technologies to elevate your cooking skills, from convection and Air Fry cooking methods to adjustable burners and touchscreen displays. We run through a variety of decisions you will need to make to help you answer the tough questions. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Range For Your Kitchen”

How to Steam Clean Your Oven

Spills and splatters that occur in the oven cycle can quickly bake onto the surface making it nearly impossible to remove without damaging the metal. Whether it’s a bubbling casserole or melted cheese from a pizza, baked-on foods can leave one tough mess. Unfortunately, using an abrasive item to scrub at these messes can cause damage and high-temperature self-clean cycles can be hard on your oven. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are turning to steam to safely remove these tough messes.

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Redefine Laundry With LG Laundry Appliances

LG laundry appliances are beautifully designed with loads of advanced innovations to enhance your laundry experience both inside and out. Experience features like never before, such as built-in AI technology that selects the perfect wash settings for your unique load and can even communicate with the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle. Whether you choose the LG SideKick™, the space-saving LG WashTower™, or anything in between, LG has the right setup for you.

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