Maytag Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Finish

There is a reason stainless steel is still the most popular appliance finish in the kitchen. It’s not only designed to look amazing in any kitchen style with its sleek, brushed metal surface, it’s also a very durable material built to last over many years to come. With so many positives, it is pretty difficult to think of any downsides to the versatile metal. However, if you’ve ever owned stainless steel, you’ve probably discovered how difficult it is to keep fingerprints and smudges off the shiny surface.

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Thermador Bests

Synonymous with luxury, Thermador has revolutionized the kitchen by making it more beautiful, more efficient, and more luxurious than ever before. In a Thermador kitchen, you will find professional features which enhance your cooking experience, and sophisticated details that enhance your entire kitchen. With a passion that is driven by everything culinary, Thermador specializes in high-end cooking appliances, including ovens, ranges, cooktops, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Industry-leader Thermador is best known for its distinctive built-in refrigerators and freezer columns, restaurant-caliber Pro Series Ranges, and remarkable patented Star® Burner. Continue reading “Thermador Bests”

An Intro To Luxury Zephyr Vent Hoods

For over 20 years, Zephyr has been at the forefront of innovative solutions and premium aesthetics in air ventilation. Zephyr luxury ventilation hoods are crafted specially for the consumer who equally values both form and function. Providing you with with the freshest air clear of fumes and odors, Zephyr ventilation hoods offer cutting-edge power and intuitive features to exceed expectations. Plus these high-performing machines look as beautiful as they perform, cased in gorgeous, state-of-the-art designs that could belong to a modish art gallery rather than a kitchen. Discover the features and beauty of Zephyr below.

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Thermador At The Heart Of House Beautiful’s Kitchen Of The Year

Every year House Beautiful announces their fantastically beautiful and technologically advanced “Kitchen Of The Year” that always leaves us awestruck. And, naturally, this year’s kitchen doesn’t disappoint. Large enough to serve the 8-bedroom home it belongs to, this kitchen is thoughtfully designed for both intimate dinners to large Thanksgiving get-togethers and features culinary convenience and innovative functionality. Aside from the artistic pot-holder and the whimsical neutrals, what is truly at the heart of this kitchen is luxurious Thermador appliances.

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Choosing A Freezer

It’s easy to overlook the freezer when shopping for a refrigerator. There’s just so many beautiful and valuable features to look for in a refrigerator, such as configuration, number of doors, capacity, temperature control, storage flexibility, and so on. After all, it is the appliance you will use the most. However, your freezer is also running at the same time, constantly working to keep your frozen foods at optimal storing conditions. While the ultimate goal is to freeze and keep food frozen, you also need to know that your food will come out fresh with no damage.   Continue reading “Choosing A Freezer”

Get Perfect Results With Jenn-Air® Culinary Center

We all have high expectations when it comes to serving our dinner guests. We hope to delight in our guests’ astonishment and approval as they thoroughly enjoy the nourishment we have provided. That is why there’s not much worse than the disappointment of a dish that didn’t quite turn out right. The pot roast was overcooked, the chicken was dry, or the crab cakes somehow came out rubbery. If you’ve ever had to make excuses for your oven’s behavior or poor delivery, it’s time to upgrade to an oven that meets and exceeds your culinary standards.

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