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August 05, 2021

Simple Ways To Add Comfort To Your Kitchen

From brewing fresh ground coffee in the morning to cleaning up after tonight’s dessert, a lot of work happens in the kitchen throughout the day. All it takes is a few thoughtful touches to help you move swiftly and gracefully through your daily routines.

  1. Temperature Control

There isn’t much worse than trying to actively put recipes together in a kitchen that’s burning up or trying to find the motivation to cook in a cold kitchen when you’d rather be cuddled up on the couch. As seasons change, it can go from a freezing morning to a blistering day in a matter of hours. By having proper heating, cooling, and ventilation for temperature changes, you can avoid cold toes in the morning and overheating from the oven at dinner time.


  1. The Correct Countertop Height

With a large amount of your time in the kitchen is spent at the countertop prepping meals, it’s important to make sure you have the right countertop height. Too short and your back will be strained – too high and you’ll biome easily frustrated. If you’re ready to remodel or build a new kitchen, use a few cookbooks on your countertop or underneath your feet to find a good height for you.


  1. Drawers

Drawers have become a popular choice over lower cabinet cupboards as they offer more efficient storage space and make your items easier to access. Easy-glide drawers with soft-close helps you move more fluidly throughout your kitchen with less noise. A kitchen suddenly becomes more peaceful and pleasant without the jarring sound of loud drawers and slamming of doors.


  1. Comfy Island Seating

A kitchen island is a great place to gather around for a morning cup of coffee or pre-dinner homework. instead of opting for plastic chairs or metal stools, add comfort to your kitchen by offering your guests an upholstered, cushioned seat to enjoy.


  1. Accessible Corners

Make the most of your storage by making it possible to access those pesky corner cabinets. Thanks to their awkward placement and deepness, items in corner cupboards in L- and U-shaped layouts are considered the least accessible place in the entire kitchen. Just like drawers offer easy access without bending and reaching into cupboards, easy-access corner storage adds the same comfort. 



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