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August 05, 2021

Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Appliances (Part II)

Not sure if it’s time to update your appliances? Here are a few sure-fire signs that it’s time to take the plunge.

People Can Guess The Age
When it comes to the home, telling its age isn’t always a bad thing. There’s a lot to be said about the character from midcentury architect or the charming welcome from an early 1900s farmhouse. However, the kitchen is the one place where style has always seriously lacked in the past (i.e. tiny sterile 1910s kitchens, mint and pink 1950s kitchen, honey oak 1980s kitchens). Kitchen appliance weren’t much better. If people can guess the age of your kitchen appliances because of the avocado green or almond bisque color, by the wood grain in your microwave, or simply by how cleary used it is (burnt marks, stains, etc.), then it’s definitely time to update your appliances.

It’s Not Doing Its Job
A broken appliance obviously needs replacing, but what if the appliance technically functions just maybe not as well as it once did? Maybe you’ve learned your oven needs to always be set a few degree lower than recommended recipes because the element is stuck on hot lava, or you can only use 2 pans at a time because the 2 back burners on your cooktop don’t work. If you have to regularly defrost your freezer to clean up frost build-up or re-wash, re-rinse, or buff out water stains on your dishes, your appliances are not working hard enough. Your time is important, don’t settle for more work just to postpone spending a few bucks now. Appliances that do their job right actually makes your life that much easier.

It Never Feels Clean
No matter how many times you wipe down that dingy dishwasher or polish your painted refrigerator, old and outdated appliances can prevent your kitchen from ever looking or feeling truly clean. Scratches, dents, rust, and stains can develop over time on older appliances which are not as well protected as today’s appliances. You’ll be completely amazed at how clean your kitchen suddenly becomes with polished finishes from your new appliances that are durable to last for many years to come.

Your Power Bill Is High
Outdated appliances are complete power hogs that are taking a toll on your wallet while also adding to the carbon footprint. Old refrigerators and freezers are the biggest offenders, using up to 3 times more than their newer counterparts. EnergyStar even designed an energy savings calculator so you can find out how much money you’ll actually save each year by switching to an energy efficient refrigerator and freezer. That new refrigerator becomes a lot more affordable when you consider how much it will actually save you in power (as well as grocery costs by keeping your foods fresher for longer).

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